High school student remembered

High school student remembered

URBANA -- Family and friends honored a girl who died suddenly with a school concert.
URBANA -- A student is remembered at a high school concert just weeks after her sudden death. It's been nearly a month since sophomore, Nancy Phetcharune, died from heart complications.

Since her life was cut short, her classmates and family have helped her memory live on. First they held a vigil, then a balloon release at homecoming. Then, Thursday night friends and family found yet another way to pay tribute.

The sadness could be felt throughout the auditorium. More than a hundred people came out the concert, including former teachers who shared stories about Nancy.

They even wore shirts which Nancy had designed for a contest. Friends and family say Nancy loved music and the arts. Even though the orchestra already planned to play Thursday night, those close to her felt honoring her here seemed to just fit.

"I know that even though she's not physically around and I don't see her, I know she is around and will be in our hearts," says Nancy's sister, Gennie.

"If we can take anything from this, is that life is really short and that you need to spend everyday showing the love you have to other people and that's what Nancy did," says Nancy's 3rd grade teacher Sally Thompson.

Nancy's family found her dead in their home in September. They say she had been fine earlier that day and still don't have a definitive cause of death.

However, her sister says the whole family is being tested because it may have been a genetic disorder. Family members say they will be starting a fund in her memory.
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