Huge Drug Bust in Macon County

Huge Drug Bust in Macon County

Investigators pulled off a large synthetic marijuana bust in Macon County.

The Macon County Sheriff is on mission to get synthetic marijuana off the streets. His investigators just executed one of the biggest drug busts to help the cause.

They seized almost 6,683 grams of the look-a-like drug. The estimated street value is close to is $28,845.

            All of this was found at one store. Sheriff Tom Schneider put the record bust on display for us this afternoon. Even he was surprised with exactly how much was confiscated. It all came from the Decatur food mart off Oakland Street. Investigators got a warrant to search the store Saturday. Schneider says the drugs weren't being sold directly over the counter, more like under the table.

"They were a little bit selective. If they felt that it was a person that was actually a user they would sell. And I would think on other occasions if they felt as though it may be somebody connected with law enforcement, they would not," said Schneider.

Besides just the drugs, investigators also found $30,000 in cash, a gun, bullets, and a small amount of marijuana.

Two of the stores managers are behind bars. Brothers Nazmi and Zeyad Abdallah face several charges. They include possession of a look-a-like substance with intent to deliver and possession of a firearm with no FOID.

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