Hungry to help out

Hungry to help out

CHAMPAIGN -- A celebrity chef stopped by to help out a cause he cares about.
 CHAMPAIGN -- A celebrity chef stopped by to help out a cause he cares about. The charity event raised money for the Eastern Illinois Food Bank. It's an effort that's even more important since the federal government shutdown.

In Rick Bayless' kitchen, plates don't stay empty for long. But he knows that's not always the case.

"Even though we live in one of the richest countries on earth, we have a whole lot of people that are going hungry every day as well," said Bayless.

That's why the Top Chef Masters champ is doing what he can to change that. He chopped thyme, the herb, but a different kind of time is ticking, now nearly a week after the federal government shut down.

"With the way the economy is lately, I think that's significant to help others," said David Doemland, who came to the event.

The federal government usually contributes more than $92 billion a year to food banks around the country. But with no word on when the shutdown will let up, members of the community say they're more than willing to step in.

"It's around tables that community is formed," said Bayless.

Inspiration is on the menu, since the money raised goes right back to the food bank. And tomorrow's leftovers may remind people to fill a need for the future.

"We just thought it was a great combination of a wonderful charity and a great event," said Doemland.

Representatives from the food bank say they'll do everything they can to keep putting food on the tables of people in our community.

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