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In Perspective: Sexual assault calls increase when students return

CHAMPAIGN -- With the return of students to campus come more calls from sexual assault victims who need help.
CHAMPAIGN -- An organization that works to help victims of sexual assault gets busy this time of year.

The Rape Advocacy Counseling and Education Services center, better known as RACES, is a small organization that helps victims of sexual assault.
It's hotline is run by volunteers, and when students come back to campus, the calls start pouring in.

Kerri True-Funk, the organization's executive director, says 20% of the hotline's call volume is related to college students.
She says that's why their numbers jump when students move back into town.

However, there is a bright side to students returning--it helps beef up RACES volunteer base, meaning there are more people around to help the victims.

For more information about RACES and it's hotline, visit http://www.cu-races.org/.
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