Keeps on Going and Going and Going

Keeps on Going and Going and Going

PARIS - Imagine a task that you can never complete, all day fighting to get something done only to have to do it again tomorrow. In our town Paris, it's what two men face every day.
Mowing grass: Day after day it's the same routine. Fighting against the clock and Mother Nature. As long as the grass is growing, Cas Smith will keep on mowing.

"Whatever I don't get done on Friday, I'll just pick back up on Monday and start the week over again."

There are more than 10 parks in this town of 9,000 people. And just two people to mow them all.

"It is just hectic. It used to freak me out."

But, now he knows the tricks of the trade.

"I keep water and caffeine. Those are the two things I need or sometimes Gatorade. It's so hot you just have to stay hydrated."

The sun also has other effects.

"Oh my goodness! I have a wicked farmer's tan. My wife makes fun of me. I have to take my hat off or I have a line on my forehead."

Farmer's tan included, Cas says it's all worth it.

"I just love it. I love my job."

The duo also takes care of trash and vandalism in the parks.
If you'd like to visit, you can catch music in the park on Saturdays through September.
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