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Lawmaker support of concealed-carry may meet governor resistance

SPRINGFIELD -- One state leader is changing his stance on concealed-carry. 
SPRINGFIELD -- One state leader is changing his stance on concealed-carry. It's helping a bill make its way through the State House. Some people call House Speaker Mike Madigan the most powerful man in Illinois. His support is really helping.

The concealed-carry bill passed the State House Friday with plenty of votes to spare. The bill would create five year permits for those over 21-years old who pay a $150 fee. The bill includes strict background checks and 16 hours worth of training.

Speaker Madigan says he changed his mind on this after watching votes over the past few months. All the pro-gun bills trounced the gun control-focused bills.

Believe it or not, the NRA and Illinois State Rifle Association are neutral on the bill. They aren't happy with the fees and required training time. They also don't like some of the protected areas in this bill.

Governor Quinn is another critic of the bill. He actually took to Twitter right after the vote and said he doesn't support it. He's opposed to the elimination of local gun laws in this bill.
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