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Local business makes movie debut

RANTOUL -- One local business is going Hollywood.
RANTOUL -- One local business is going Hollywood. Kocher's Custom Paints designed all the helmets for the movie "Rush." The movie highlights a rivalry between two Formula One drivers in the 1970's.

Kocher's spent more than 100 hours painting 100 helmets, sometimes working for 18 hours per day. But Owner Kelly Kocher says seeing them on the big screen made it all worth it. "It's nervewracking. You don't know whether they're going to portray it and show your stuff and how much you're going to see of it. But man, they just showed a lot of our work throughout the whole movie it was really cool."

The movie came out nationwide today, and the company even made us a special helmet for WCIA's 60th Anniversary. It debuted during Our Town Rantoul in July, and now we have the finished product.
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