Man arrested for first-degree murder

Man arrested for first-degree murder

Latest: 2:32 pm, 8/15/13, Thursday MT. ZION -- New information is being released in a domestic murder case.
Latest: 2:32 pm, 8/15/13, Thursday
MT. ZION -- New information is being released in a domestic murder case. Chad Cutler was arrested for killing his wife, Lisa.

Police say the motive may have been money and another woman. Just hours after his wife's death, Police say Cutler texted another woman offering to let her live in his home and noting he would pay off the mortgage with Lisa's secret life insurance policy.

That insurance policy was worth $1.2 million. Cutler faces three counts of first degree murder.

Update: 5:11 pm, 8/9/13, Friday
MT. ZION -- An area man is arrested for murdering his wife, but instead of being in shock, neighbors wonder what took so long. Lisa Cutler was found dead in her bathtub in April 2012.

Fifteen months went by and no arrests were made until now. Lisa's husband, 37-year old Chad Cutler, is charged with her murder. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has more.

Investigators won't go into specifics, and reiterate Chad is innocent until proven guilty. But, neighbors say Lisa confided in them and made them believe Chad's been the killer all along.

In a peaceful neighborhood, with manicured lawns and beautiful homes, is a house filled with mystery. In April 2012, a family member found Lisa Cutler lifeless in her bathtub.

"I wouldn't think in this neighborhood, as nice as it is, that this would happen to anyone."

Felicia Joyce has lived here for a few years and befriended Lisa before her murder.

"She's more of a loner, but she was very open at the same time."

Joyce says Lisa told her Chad drank a lot and was very hot-tempered. Neighbors say Lisa had brusies from time-to-time and they worried he was beating her. When Lisa was found dead, investigators knocked on Joyce's door.

She went with her gut and told them, "he probably did it. Just because of some of the things that she expressed to me personally."

Neighbors say, a few months later, Chad moved out, but still visited from time-to-time.  Neighbors say they would see Chad pull into the driveway once a week, on trash day. They say he would drive into the garage and pull bags onto the sidewalk.

"Him being on the street and being across the street from us was a little bit nerve-wracking."

But, now that Chad is in police custody, people in the South Lake Subdivision want to put all of this behind them.

"It can get back to normal."

"His time will come. It's here. I believe Lisa is at peace now."

Chad and Lisa have two children. Neighbors say they are living with a foster family.
Original: 8:37 pm, 8/8/13, Thursday
DECATUR -- A Macon County man has been arrested for the death of his wife. Lisa Cutler, 47, was found dead in a bathroom at her home in Mount Zion in April 2012.

An investigative team was formed with members of the Illinois State Police, Mount Zion Police Department, Macon Sheriff’s Office, Macon County State’s Attorneys Office and the Macon County Coroner. After a 15-month investigation, they issued a warrant for Chad M. Cutler.

He was arrested in Mount Zion without incident. He is charged with first-degree murder and is being held at the Macon County jail.
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