New dorm has students living in luxury

New dorm has students living in luxury

CHAMPAIGN -- Two years ago they were called some of the worst in the country but today UI's dorms are like living in luxury.
CHAMPAIGN -- Two years ago, they were called some of the worst in the country but today, UI's dorms are like living in luxury. The University is in the middle of upgrading some of its housing options, and WCIA-3's Erica Quednau got a tour.

This semester, Bousfield Hall is open for the first time ever, and it is unlike any dorm you've ever seen.

"It was awesome. It's basically a hotel in there. It's a brand new everything and it's just beautiful inside there," said Jack Kalanik.

"It's completely different. My room is so much bigger and of course since it's a suite, it has a bathroom in it," said Troy Farsakian.

"It's better sharing it with three guys than 20 or more," said Connor Murray.

They're the first set of students to ever live in Bousfield Hall, UI's newest dorm on campus.

"It's been pretty amazing so far," said Murray.

"Cool to christen it and kind of make it our own," said Kalanik.

The three students met last year while living at Hopkins Hall. This year they decided to upgrade.

"It was too bad for us but Garner and Forbes definitely had it a little rougher than us," said Kalanik.

"A lot of it's based on resident feedback. Our old residence halls were all built around the same time and they've held up their useful life for the most part," said Kirsten Ruby, the Associate Director of Housing.

That is why the Housing Department is giving the Six Pack a makeover. Besides Bousfield, Nugent Hall is also a newer option for students. Plus, Garner and Forbes Halls are now gone making way for a new residence hall to open up sometime soon.
"We want to give options that make Illinois the first choice for the best and brightest students," said Ruby.

"It's really cool that they really want their students to live here instead of some place else off campus," said Farsakian.

Nugent and Bousfield Halls are the newest halls to be built on campus in more than 40 years.  Besides being more spacious, the buildings are also sustainable and handicap-accessible. Students will be moving in all week.
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