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New items on the menu for holiday diners

CHAMPAIGN -- Many restaurants are offering specials for New Year's Eve guests.
CHAMPAIGN -- Many restaurants are offering new specials for New Year's Eve guests. That includes Big Grove Tavern. Executive chef Jessica Gorin and her sous chef have cooked up a special four-course meal for diners. That includes a fish appetizer so fresh, they just got it in on Tuesday. Workers there say they're excited to ring in the new year with their guests.

"Everyone from the servers to the cooks to the chefs to the guests feel there's something different going on," said Gorin. "It's a special evening and there's a really positive energy, more so than just on regular nights."

Gorin says they only do a handful of special menus each year, but they like the opportunity to prepare meals that take a little extra time and have some fancier ingredients. They'll also be serving food from their regular menu.
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