New program geared to help women

New program geared to help women

CHAMPAIGN -- Women who are struggling now have a new place to turn.
CHAMPAIGN -- Women who are struggling now have a new place to turn. The Pregnancy Resource Center broke ground on a new building Sunday. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine shows us how a similar program helped one woman get back on her feet.

"There's a lot of girls that possibly have just felt like there's no hope for their life, that they're, like, given up, no use, like ashes."

Instead of worthless ashes, Greta Henry and her staff are using dirt to rebuild. It's an extension of the Pregnancy Resource Center called Merci Refuge. It will give women who are homeless, abused or fighting addiction a chance to turn things around.

"If you were in that position, would you want someone to help you and to love you? Would you want somebody to wrap their arms around you and to give you some hope? I know I would."

"When I first came to the center, I didn't feel like I have a purpose in life."

Amy Shields says it's because she made several wrong decisions.

"I had had some issues in my life. I always grew up going to church, but I kind of had run from God and just ventured on my own path."

But now she'll play a role in building and supporting women inside Merci Refuge.

"I now feel led to help other women that are in need."

The two-story building will hold sixteen women. It might take them a few months or a few years to recover, but Shields believes they can do it if she can.

"Took me a long time, but I'm here now."

The building is scheduled to open next May. Women must be 18-years or older to enter the program.
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