November's forecast is looking a bit wet

November's forecast is looking a bit wet

We're expecting a near normal month for November.

Updated:  4:25 PM 10/31/13

The November forecast is calling for more than normal amounts of rainfall.  While this may make more of our days wet ones, it is good news in some ways because we're entering the month in a severe drought for much of central Illinois.  At the same time, we're expecting near normal temperatures, meaning that snowfall should stay to a minimum, but some snow can't be ruled out. 

Normally, we see high temperaturs in the lower 50s for highs and lows in the lower 30s in NovemberPrecipitation normally adds up to the 3 to 4 inch range.  Snowfall is usually light and around a half inch.  Click on the links above for the normals for many cities in central Illinois from the Illinois State Climatologist

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