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Parents feel relief with new crossing guard

CHAMPAIGN -- Some children's walks to school just got a lot safer.
CHAMPAIGN -- Parents are feeling relieved because their kids' walk to school is now a lot safer. There's a crossing guard officially on duty. Monday was the first day a guard kept watch near South Side Elementary. He's helping students walk across Prospect Avenue at Daniel Street. 

It has parents' minds more at ease. That's because even they felt a little scared crossing the busy intersection every morning, but the new addition is taking those fears away. 

In September, a little girl was hit by a car while crossing the street. She was not seriously hurt, but it did help prompt this change. The city council quickly voted to get the proper signage and road markers up as well as a person to guide students across. The city also changed the speed limit on Prospect to 20 mph between Green Street and Charles Street.  

Monday, a police officer was standing out there with the crossing guard. Public works employees say that's not a permanent thing. They will just be out there a couple of days making sure drivers are paying attention. 
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