Pastors mourn one of their own

Pastors mourn one of their own

DECATUR -- Pastors across Central Illinois mourn the loss of one of their own.
DECATUR -- Glad Tidings Church is mourning the loss of its pastor. The  feeling is shared by many throughout Central Illinois.

Pastor BG Nevitt died Saturday in a motorcycle accident. Police say he was driving on Route 36 when a car turned in front of him. Nevitt ran into it and was killed.

The other driver is OK. She's 19-years old. While many church services spent the morning honoring BG Nevitt, they also took time to pray for her. 

"This man's wife said, she wasn't concerned about herself, she said, 'let's pray for the 19-year old girl,'" said Pastor Gary Grogan at the Stone Creek Church service. At the same time, he was trying to hide his own grief.

"It really endears people to us to see, we suffer too and we grieve too," said Grogan.

It's a feeling Pastor BG Nevitt was familiar with too. About four years ago, his daughter died.
"Can you imagine losing a child, and now his wife has lost her husband and some of you know about that," said Grogan.

Grogan grew up with Nevitt and shared his friend's stories hoping they could help his congregation.

"Our faith is what gives us strength and courage and hope and passion to go on, so actually, it will be a strong moment of faith for us," said Grogan.

That doesn't mean news of Nevitt's death didn't come as a shock.

"He was actually on his way to a minister's meeting in Arcola when this happened," Grogan says.

Pastor Doug Lowery was at the meeting waiting for Nevitt when they got the call.
"That was the end of the meal. That was the end of everything. We got up, we had prayer for the family," said Lowery.

Those prayers continued Sunday at Maranatha Assembly of God Church.  Lowery talked about Nevitt's Legacy at GT Church and the impact he's  had on the community but he also shared a message.

"It's a little bit of a wake-up call to all of us, that, you know, that can happen to any one of us and life is brief. Just like the scripture says, in an instant, everything can change," said Lowery.

Police say preliminary investigations show speed and impairment were not a factor in the accident. No funeral arrangements have been set.

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