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People Dreaming Big to Win Mega Millions

SPRINGFIELD -- $640 million is in play tonight, if not more.
SPRINGFIELD -- $640 million is in play tonight, if not more. It's the biggest jackpot ever for the Mega Millions Lottery. People have been flocking to gas stations in hopes of beating the odds.    
    WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has seen the long lines, and talked to station managers about sales which have gone through the roof. But, it's not the usual "Tom, Dick & Harry" buying the tickets. New players are cashing in for the millions.
    ''You gonna take me to the islands if you win the mega?''
    ''I'll think about it.''
    These tickets are bringing strangers together. People of all shapes and sizes for one reason. But, we met someone new to the game.
    ''It's my birthday. I was feeling lucky. Hopefully 22 is my lucky number.''
    He's not the only one hoping for luck. Hundreds have made their way through this gas station today, hoping their ticket is the one.
    ''What would you do with the money if you do win?"
    "Probably buy a sports team. Magic Johnson just bought the dodgers. I'm a Cubs fan we need to win some world series.''
    With $640 million, you could buy a whole lot more than that, and it could happen to you. The first person to ever win the mega millions lived in Chatham; right here in Central Illinois. So, whether you're a pro...
    ''I know this is gonna be some good luck right here,'
    or a newbie, ''Probably not that likely but you can at least try. You're not gonna win if you don't try.''
    Now that guy we talked to actually forgot to pump his gas after buying his lottery ticket. He prepaid and forgot to pump.
    Statistics show we're actually more likely to date a supermodel or get struck by lightning than we are to winning the lottery. But everybody is keeping the hope alive.
    People are buying tickets in 42-states and Washington D.C. There have been lines just about everywhere.
    If you take the cash payout, it's just over $460 million after taxes. Or, you can get winnings over time. That way, the money would be spread out over 26-years. That's $24 million a year; or $2 million a month; or $470 thousand a week; or more than $67 thousand a day.
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