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Poll-watchers keep eye on things

URBANA -- Voters aren't the only ones headed to the polls.
URBANA -- Voters aren't the only ones headed to the polls. Poll-watchers are out there double checking to make sure there aren't any issues.They're an extra set of eyes to make sure everything happening in the polling places is by the book.

There are dozens out and about in Champaign County. The county democrats say they've got 40 volunteers working as poll-watchers. County republicans don't know how many they have, but some of their candidates have people at the sites as well.

Champaign's ACLU had about eight law students working as poll-watchers. They say most of them are around campus. There are students who aren't from around here, so the poll-watchers want to be available in case registration problems come up.

Other than that, poll-watchers say there haven't been many issues. Some have been moving around from site to site all day, and plan to be out there until polls close at 7 pm.
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