Recycling center back open after fire

Recycling center back open after fire

URBANA -- Mack's Twin City Recycling is starting over after a fire.
URBANA -- Mack's Twin City Recyling is getting back on its feet after a fire.  It burned down about two weeks ago but today, it is already back open. 

Employees cleaned out an old warehouse just north of where the old center was.

"Oh it's wonderful," said Roy Hammer of Mansfield.  

"I'm glad to see they're up and running and doing what they need to be doing and moving on," said Troy Norfleet of Monticello.  Both customers lined up to recycle their items today. 

On December 19th, a fire burned down the recycling center.  Most of the business was destroyed but employees' spirits were not. 

"You wouldn't know it by coming here.  Their service has been great and we really appreciate it," said Norfleet. 

"Those customers are loyal to us and we want to be loyal back to them," said Corey Mathis, Operations Manager at Macks. 

He says employees helped with clean up after the fire and reopening at the new location.  No one was let go and they hardly missed a day of work. 

"They're still here now, still working, still helping us so it's been great," said Mathis. 

Which makes starting over, look easy. 

"It's a wonderful place," said Hammer. 

"Service with a smile, you do get that here.  Good friendly service, even in the hard times," said Norfleet. 

Macks is open the same hours it was before.  There are a few changing to dropping off recycling, so make sure you stop into the new office building first. 

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