Resident says police overreacted

Resident says police overreacted

URBANA -- A homeowner says the police department crossed the line.
URBANA -- A homeowner says the police department crossed the line. Officers kicked in his door while he was sleeping inside. It happened in the 200-blcok of Weaver Street. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has more.

Police forced their way in because they thought he might be in danger. They got a call from a relative in California who hadn't heard from him in awhile. They were nervous, so they asked police to do a welfare check. Officers headed to his home.

"I was laying down to take a nap."

Nigel Hutton had just fallen asleep.

"The next thing I know, I hear two loud bangs."

He walked out of his room to find three police officers inside, standing in front of a door off its hinges.

"I was like, 'what's going on?'"

Hutton says police told him about the welfare check and thought he might be in danger.

"I can see their point, but they need to go around the house first."

Police protocol varies on thees types of calls, but Hutton says, if officers would have tried his back door, they would have seen it was wide open.

"They were probably really surprised when they smashed in my front door and seen my back door staring them right in the face."

He also says the window in his bedroom was open too.

"My head is right here. If they would've yelled in that window, they would've gotten my attention."

Now, his door won't lock. He has a padlock on his screen door for safety. A new door will cost more than $400. Hutton says police told him he'd have to pay for half.

"I'm here with a smashed door for no reason."

Police officials say they did try ever door before forcing their way in, but the incident is still under review. Hutton says he'll be reviewing too, with a lawyer.
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