Ribbons to remember Caleb

Ribbons to remember Caleb

DECATUR -- One family refuses to give up hope. They're making sure their loved one's cold case is never forgotten.
DECATUR -- One family refuses to give up hope. They're making sure their loved one's cold case is never forgotten. WCIA-3's Amanda Porterfield has the story.

Caleb Witty was a teenager who was shot and killed two years ago. His case hasn't been solved. That's why his family started a group to keep his case and others on people's minds.

From the outside, you'd never guess Caleb Witty's family was still grieving. They hide it pretty well. But, it's taken two years for them to get that way.

"We've all made it because of each other."

"Michaela not only lost her brother, she's lost her whole teenage life."

Michaela was only 14-years old when Caleb was killed. She and her brother were close. They went to the Decatur Celebration together every year.

"I told him everything. I mean, we talked about everything."

But, in 2011, she felt like leaving early. On the way home, they were robbed. Before two men killed Caleb, he saved his sister's life.

"I was, like freaking' out. Like I didn't know what to do. Then the guy started hitting Caleb with the gun and everything. Then Caleb pretty much told me to run. I mean, I ran."

But, two years later, she and her step-mom have found a way to tie up their pain and use it as a gift for other grieving families.

"After we do this, I think everything will be a lot easier. Better for everybody."

These red, black and white ribbons symbolize an organization they started called CAW, Criminals are Wanted. It's for all the families who have lost loved ones and watched their case turn cold.

"It makes me feel better knowing that, because of what I went through, I can help other people."

Besides, it's something to keep them busy and together.

"Regardless if it helps anyone else and if this was to never go anywhere, this right here has brought us together because we have sat at the table and brainstormed, cried, laughed."

While Michaela's accepted her grief may never stop, they hope this simple ribbon will make people stop and think.

"You just got to find the right person. If they give up hope, then we have nothing to look forward to."

The family has planned a walk during the Decatur Celebration. They plan to pass those ribbons out and hope to get tips about the case.
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