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School dedicates week to anti-violence efforts

DANVILLE -- A local middle school is working to stop violence.
DANVILLE -- A local middle school is working to stop violence. South View Middle School is dedicating this week to an anti-violence message for students.

It's offering a series of events all this week. South View partnered with the Vermilion County Rape Crisis Center and the Youth Anti-Violence Initiative.

Monday, students drew pictures of role models. When it comes to violence, it's important role models are there for support.

This week, students will perform in a talent show, have discussions and listen to guest speakers; all in an effort to raise awareness.

Students can buy purple wristbands for one dollar all week. Parents can buy the left-over bracelets at the next parent-teacher conference. The proceeds will go to the women's shelter.

Here are events at South View Middle School for the remainder of the week:

Violence-Free Assembly, 3:00 pm, special guest speaker

30 for 30 video, during Social Studies class with reflection sheet and discussion

Students sign a "Violence-Free at South View Middle School" banner

Wear purple to support Violence-Free at South View

Violence-Free Message Talent show, per grade level, at lunch
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