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School prompts city to take a second look at animal ordinance

MONTICELLO -- Metamorphasis Montessori school may have to give up more of its animals. 
MONTICELLO -- Metamorphosis Montessori school may have to give up more of its animals. It used to have sheep but had to get rid of them and recently got a miniature pony.

Now city officials are looking to change the city's animal ordinance meaning the school may have to get rid of the pony as well. 

Council members met for a study session Monday night. The topic of discussion was updating the rules when it comes to animals. They threw around ideas like allowing chickens but not roosters, as well as prohibiting horses.  

For people like Cody Sanantonio, the Metamorphosis Administrator, the mayor says they are looking at options for grandfathering people in. He also says there is still a lot of discussion that needs to take place. Currently, the city attorney is drafting a new ordinance. The council won't see that draft for a few weeks.
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