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Senate President Pushing for Online Gaming

SPRINGFIELD-- Senate President John Cullerton wants the state to take advantage of online gambling, he says it'll help rake in millions of dollars.
The state launched a new website just two months ago allowing people to buy lottery tickets online and now some want to take it a step further.

Senate President John Cullerton wants to take advantage of internet gaming, he believes it'll bring in more money for the state. He says adding other games, like poker, online could help rake in hundreds of millions of dollars.

The only thing Illinois is allowed to sell online right now is lottery tickets. Cullerton says there would be regulations in place to make sure there's enough oversight, so no one's cheating the system or developing an addiction. But, that's not doing much to reassure Anita Bedell, she says creating more gambling opportunities will cause more harm than good.

Cullerton believes the gaming website would help attract players from all over the country and even the world. He says it could be up and running as soon as next year if lawmakers approve his plan.
The General Assembly will have to act fast on this bill though. Congress is working on a separate bill that would only allow certain state's with the necessary plans to offer internet gaming.
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