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Senator Says "Forget FOID"

<strong style="color: #0000bf; font-size: 15px;"><span style="color: #0000bf; font-size: 15px;">Update: 6:29 pm</span></strong><br><br> Have you pulled a trigger lately?
Update: 6:29 pm
    Have you pulled a trigger lately? If so, you know you need a FOID card. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley finds out why one lawmaker wants to eliminate FOID cars altogether in Illinois.
    It costs $10 to register and fill out all the paperwork. But Senator Sam McCann says all that work isn't worth it. James Butler has been doing this for more than 30-years, but says his shooting is still a work in progress.
    "Eh, could be better.''
    He and his friends meet every Thursday for some shooting and lunch.
    "How would you feel if FOID cards were taken out of Illinois?''
    "Wouldn't bother me a bit.''
    McCann wants to throw out FOID cards, and only conduct background checks on gun owners. But, some say taking FOID cards away, could put weapons in the wrong hands.
    Illinoisvictims.org believes these keep guns away from criminals. But, not everyone agrees.         "Criminals can pick up guns any place. They wanna outlaw guns, and register them but it doesn't make any difference. If someone wants a gun, they can get a gun.''
    Butler started his career as an Illinois State Police Officer. He saw the work officers put into issuing and approving FOID cards.
    "It's not a money-maker to start with. It takes a lot of funds away from state police that they could use to fight crime.''
    This small card continues to be a big issues, with lots of different opinions. But, this group, thinks it's time for a change.
    "The majority of people that have guns, respect the guns and respect the people.''
    Representative Adam Brown is also pushing a new FOID bill. It would get rid of the expiration date on the cards, essentially making them last forever.

Original: 12:02 pm
    Illinois State Senator Sam McCann (R) introduced a new bill to get rid of FOID cards for gun owners. He says the ID cards don't keep weapons away from criminals.
    McCann goes on to say law-abiding owners are the ones punished by a law requiring them to carry a FOID card and renew it every ten years. The proposed legislation would not eliminate background checks for those trying to purchase a weapon.
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