Snow could slow opening of drive-in

Snow could slow opening of drive-in

GIBSON CITY -- This week's snow pushed back progress at the drive-in. 
GIBSON CITY -- This week's snow pushed back progress at the drive-in. The theater's manager said they originally planned to reopen this weekend. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera has more on Mother Nature's impact on the Harvest Moon.

Theater manager Ben Harroun said they're doing all they can to finish in time, but it's getting down to the wire. He said they're not giving up after all the community has done to keep the theater open. They want to show patrons how much they've done with all the donations.

Brett George holds the future of the Harvest Moon Drive-In in his hands, literally. He's putting together its new projectors, servers and audio system, piece by piece. Workers planned to finish the digital installation Monday so they could test the screen. But after 10" of snow, that didn't happen.

"The snowstorm kind of threw a big monkey-wrench in that over the weekend," said Harroun. 

Now they're playing a waiting game with Mother Nature, hoping a little sunshine can help melt some of the snow drifts.

"Even our 4x4 got stuck, so we can't have people come out and not be able to get into the theater," said Harroun. 

"I actually got stuck again this morning," said George, "but I rocked it out."

Harroun said they're focusing on factors they can control.

"Try to get the buildings cleaned up, stocked with food, make sure all the machines still work," said Harroun.  

And keeping their fingers crossed for the rest.

"It's always last-minute type stuff so you do what you can and that's all you can do," said George. 

After hundreds of people chipped in to keep the place in business, the manager hopes their silver-screen dreams can come true.

"We've kind of been the bright star out of all the drive-ins left in the United States," said Harroun. 

The manager said they should have all the technical stuff done by Friday, so it all depends on whether the snow melts and cars are able to drive around there safely without getting stuck.
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