Soccer match raises money for teacher's fight

Soccer match raises money for teacher's fight

DECATUR -- It started as a 6th grader's idea and turned into so much more.
DECATUR -- It started as a 6th-grader's idea and turned into so much more. Students at John's Hill Magnet School decided to turn their soccer game into a platform for cancer awareness.

It was also to honor their teacher, Nancy Hughes. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in March. With her in mind, her students brightened up their wardrobe.

It is rare to find teenage boys rocking pink, from head to toe.

6th-grader Edgar Onate said, "People say real men should wear pink, and I think it's true. I'm a real man."

Onate had the idea, but it was not just because of the color. It is because of what the color stands for.

"Anybody who has cancer, has to have at least one person that cares about them."

And now, one of Onate's favorite teachers knows she has dozens. Nancy Hughes said she is touched.

"Touched beyond what I can express well."

The doctor's prognosis was not good. Her lung cancer is advanced. But beyond the chemo is more medicine, found on the soccer pitch. Onate and his classmates handed off a $600 check to the Come Together Let's Walk Foundation.

They won their game. But what some of them may never know is how they are helping their teacher win, too.

Hughes said, "Everytime I go to bed, I sleep well knowing I get to wake up and still have all of that with me. It will never be gone from me."

Beyond that $600 check, students raised nearly $1,300 from donations Wednesday night.
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