Stamp collector exhibit

Stamp collector exhibit

URBANA -- The oldest stamp ever printed was in Central Illinois Sunday.
 URBANA -- Stamps from around the world made their way to Urbana this weekend. They were all on display at the 40th Annual Cupex Stamp Exhibit.

The event was held at the Urbana Civic Center Sunday afternoon. Stamp collectors from the Midwest met to sell, exchange and buy rare stamps.

Also on display was the world's very first stamp dating back to the mid-1800's. Alicia Austin-Brooks started collecting stamps for her son before he was born and she hopes to keep the tradition going.

"It's something that I would like to continue to pass on because, like I said, it's an opportunity to see a bit of history and stamps are really quite artistic as well."

Prices for stamps ranged from a penny to about $300 at the exhibit.
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