Students' castle to benefit CASA

Students' castle to benefit CASA

MACON COUNTY -- A high school is using a class project to help its community.
MACON COUNTY -- A high school is using a class project to help its community. It's not an easy task. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels shows us what they're doing and who it will help.

The Maroa-Forsyth Mech-Tech class is always building something; whether it's the set for a school play or some furniture. But, this semester, they're putting their talents to work for the community.

"We're working on a castle for CASA."

Ethan Runyen and his classmates are building a playhouse castle. It will be raffled off with money raised going to CASA of Macon County to help kids who are abused or neglected. It's a service project these students say they're excited to be a part of, and it shows.

"We have been working very hard. Our classes are only about 40-minutes long. Plus, I skip two other classes just to come in here and work."

"I mean, those guys back there working on it are here after school until 5:30 at night. We've just been really pushing to get this thing done."

The castle isn't just a lesson on how to give back. It's also teaching them responsibility.

"It's really important we get all our measurements right, because if we come up short on something, a kid might fall. So, make sure everything's nailed, screwed down, perfect. It's got to be solid."

The castle is one of two playhouses in the raffle. The other is a pirate ship.

Tickets start at $5. The drawing takes place the end of April.
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