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Students learn real-life lesson of drinking and driving

TOLONO -- Students watched two of their friends "die" Friday.
TOLONO -- Students watched two of their friends "die" Friday.

"It could be your best friend and it could be you."

It was part of their pre-prom, anti-drinking campaign. First responders act out what it's like to get into a drinking-and-driving accident. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau has more.

"This could happen and it's sad."

"This time it really hit home, because I know all of them."

Real drama, real danger and real emotion, all acted out in front of students at Unity High School.

"We're showing them as close to reality, of course, without it being a real event."

Deputy Kevin Franzen is the school resource officer at Unity. He helped put on the mock accident.

"As a result of bad decision-making, this is an option."

"It's very possible for it to happen. Just make good decisions. Don't drive. Don't drink. It can wait."

That's the message Jaque Bliss was hoping her friends took away, especially with prom just around the corner.

"It's kind of scary, I mean because it could really happen."

"I feel like having it right now, really just sends home the message that it could happen this weekend, so just don't do it and be safe."

"There's going to be so much fun at prom and everything like that. It's not necessary to do that kind of stuff."

First responders put on this mock accident every three years at Unity. Their prom is Saturday.
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