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Study looks at mercury levels in Illinois' fish

CHAMPAIGN -- Mixed news for those who love eating fish.
CHAMPAIGN -- Mixed news for those who love eating fish. UI researchers have been taking a closer look at mercury levels and found interesting results.

Levels are actually lower, bu they're not at a point where officials want them to be. The researchers looked at data from as far back as 1900.

They looked at mercury levels in small fish living in Illinois' rivers. They say, in the past 40 years, those levels have dropped.

The UI thinks it's because more people are knowledgeable. They know the dangers of mercury and there are more laws for plants and factors which produce mercury.

The study looked at two main waterways; the Saline Branch in Champaign County, and the Panther Branch in Jasper County. There's a coal plant in that area. The study showed fish from the area had higher mercury levels.

It's something of a concern, so experts say people should pay attention to what kind of fish they're eating and how much.
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