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Suspect posts bond after stabbing

<strong style="color: #0000bf; font-size: 15px;"><span style="color: #0000bf; font-size: 15px;">Update: 4:19 pm</span></strong><br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; CHAMPAIGN -- Police say a Mahomet man stabbed another man in the head at Pia's Sports Bar Monday night.
Update: 4:19 pm
CHAMPAIGN -- Police say a Mahomet man stabbed another man in the head at Pia's Sports Bar Monday night. It's in the 1600-block of West Springfield Avenue.

Police say 30-year old Michael Jordan attacked a 47-year-old who confronted Jordan after he allegedly hit a woman.

It all started inside the bar. Jordan met a woman. They started arguing and Jordan was kicked out.

While outside, police say he attacked the woman. When she walked back in, she had a visible injury. That's when the victim went outside and confronted Jordan.

A fight ensued and police say Jordan pulled out a pocket knife, lunged forward and cut the victim's head. An employee, who works next door, says in 12 years of his career, nothing like this has ever happened.

"Shocked. I couldn't believe it. It's generally a quiet neighborhood. I couldn't believe it," Joe Wells said.

Jordan is charged with aggravated battery. He posted bond and was released.

Police say the victim will need surgery, but is expected to be okay.

Original: 11:28 am

CHAMPAIGN -- A Mahomet man is headed to court this afternoon on charges of aggravated battery. Police say 30-year old Michael Jordan reportedly struck a woman in the parking lot of Pia's Sports Bar & Grill in the 1600-block of Springfield Avenue about 11:30 pm Monday.

When the woman entered the bar with a visible injury, a 47-year old man went outside to confront Jordan, who allegedly stabbed the victim with a folding knife during a fight. The victim was cut on the head and was treated for his injury. Two others were arrested for interfering with officers after refusing to leave the crime scene.
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