The deal is done!

The deal is done!

SPRINGFIELD -- The crisis is over. Congress agrees to a deal with just an hour to spare.
SPRINGFIELD -- The crisis is over. Congress agrees to a deal with just an hour to spare. The House agreed to reopen the federal government and raise the debt limit. The vote came about two hours after the Senate. WCIA-3's Steve Staeger keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

The President still has to sign it, but this bill will reopen and fund the government for three months. It will raise the debt ceiling for nearly four months. It's a temporary relief for the thousands of people who've been hit hardest by the shutdown.

"About halfway through this month, I got an email. What it specifically said was it could hold up your military pension."

That's not the kind of email you expect after decades of service in the military, but it's what's been on Mike Woodcox' mind the last few weeks.

"I have bills to pay. I can't tell my bill collectors, 'you're going to have to hold before Congress decides what they're going to do.'"

But, Wednesday's actions may be a bit of a relief for this veteran.

"We have finally achieved our goal. The same place where we started, but at a cost."

"Once this agreement arrives on my desk, I will sign it immediately. We'll be reopening our government immediately."

The deal reopens the government through February and raises the debt ceiling through March. Though you can't help but wonder if we'll feel some deja vu then.

"This deal, kicks the can down the road. It allows yet more debt, more deficits, more spending."

"We sent these politicians to Washington to represent us. Not to represent themselves."

Woodcox says, even when the ink is dry and his pension secured, he can't help but feel frustrated. He has a message for lawmakers which a lot of people may co-sign.

"Do your job. Vote your conscience."

This deal also makes one change to the Affordable Care Act. It will require income verification for anyone looking for subsidies to help pay for their plan.

Senator Dick Durbin (D) told the media lawmakers feel a weight has been lifted after Wednesday night's vote. The Senate passed the deal with a vote of 81 - 18. The House cleared it 285 - 144.
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