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Trick-or-Treat safety tips

CENTRAL ILLINOIS -- Local police are offering tips to keep kids safe this Halloween.
CENTRAL ILLINOIS -- Police say pedestrian accidents are the most common injuries to children on Halloween. They're offering tips to keep kids safe while trick-or-treating:
  • A parent or responsible adult should always accompany young children on their neighborhood rounds.
  • If your older children are going alone, plan and review the route that is acceptable to you. Agree on a specific time when they should return.
  • Only go to homes with a porch light on and never enter a home or car for a treat.
  • Stay in a group and communicate where you are going.
  • Remember reflective tape for costumes and trick-or-treat bags.
  • Carry a cellphone for quick communication.
  • Stay on well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk.
  • Never cut across yards or use alleys.
  • Don't assume the right of way. Motorists may have trouble seeing trick-or-treaters.
  • Do not cross the street between parked cars or out driveways.

Police say to notify law enforcement if you see any suspicious activity.

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