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Village of Pesotum Cleaning up Messy Situation

PESOTUM-- A messy situation is piling up.    
    Village Board Members in Pesotum say dog owners aren't cleaning up after their pets.  So they put signs around town as a friendly reminder.   
    John Beatty is a dog owner in Pesotum.  He says he cleans up after his two but others in his neighborhood don't follow his lead.
    "There's some of the places especially on the far side over there that's kind of the dog path. It's a big stretch of landmines by mid summer especially if we're not getting a lot of rain," said Beatty.
    So village maintenance crews put up about a dozen of signs asking people to respect their neighbors.
    "There are certain areas that you notice the smells are kind of strong and you want to watch your step for sure," said Beatty.
    Beatty says the notices are a good idea but they don't apply to him because his dogs prefer doing their business in the privacy of their own home.
    "We're cleaning up our back yard cause we don't want our kids stepping in it," he said.
    Village Maintenance says that since the signs have gone up, they have noticed the situation cleaning up.
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