Weather Almanac For January 1st

Weather Almanac For January 1st

Here's a look at normal and record temperatures, sunrise and sunset times, and past weather events for January 1st.

Weather Almanac For 1/1

This Day In Weather History

1876 - A tornado beifly touched down in Springfield, tearing the roof off a factory and damaging several homes.  The iron girders of a steel mill were reportedly bent in half by the F2 strength tornado. 

1999 - A major winter storm paralyzed much of the region for the first few days of 1999.  Snow started before noon on New Year's Day and continued at moderate to heavy rates for most of the following 24 hours.  Areas such as Charleston and points to the south saw a wintry mix that also brought rain or freezing rain from time to time.  Behind the snow, the winds picked up which caused severe drifting and dangerous wind chills.  The heaviest snow was from Quincy to Virginia then through Peoria and Bloomington areas over to Champaign, where 14 or more inches of snow were found in many places.  The weight of the heavy snow caused many roofs and porches to collapse, causing one death and one injury. 

Temperature Information





Champaign-Urbana331858 (1905)-13 (1968)
Danville352067 (1897)-18 (1968)
Decatur362062 (1952)-11 (1974)
Effingham362067 (2005)-14 (1968)
Springfield351961 (1905)-13 (1974)

Sunrise/Sunset For 2015

Champaign-Urbana7:15 AM4:38 PM
Danville7:13 AM4:35 PM
Decatur7:17 AM4:42 PM
Effingham7:13 AM4:42 PM
Springfield7:20 AM4:45 PM

Some information gathered from the National Weather Service and other government agencies. Data for averages are based on 1981 to 2010 averages. Record highs are based on different times of record. Here are when records stared for each observation point: Danville; 1895, Decatur; 1893, Effingham; 1951, Springfield; 1879, Urbana; 1888.
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