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Weather Vault: 11/17/13; Gifford Tornado

The town hardest hit in central Illinois during the tornadoes of November 17th, 2013 was Gifford.
Posted:  7:11 PM 11/22/13

The town hardest ht in central Illinois by the storms of November 17th, 2013 was Gifford.  Gifford is a town about a mile long (north and south) and about three blocks from west to east.  The tornado cut a path through the town that was about 500 yards wide.  The tornado originally touched down east of Thomasboro at 12:45 PM and moved northeast to Gifford.  Before getting to Gifford, the storm produced EF-3 (140 mph wind speed) damage to a farm home, but weakened as it moved into two.  The tornado continued into northwest Vermilion County, where it moved west of Hoopeston and ended in extreme southern Iroquois County.  The tornado injured 6 people and was on the ground 29.7 miles and was a quarter mile wide at the widest point. 

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