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Where to sign up to help those in need

Update: 10:03 pm GIFFORD -- Relief is a feeling a lot of people here haven't experienced the past few days, but Tuesday was different.
Update: 10:03 pm
GIFFORD -- Relief is a feeling a lot of people here haven't experienced the past few days, but Tuesday was different. Power and water are back for most residents, but the damage hasn't gone anywhere.

It's why police will shut the village down again Wednesday. Only residents and workers will be allowed in.

Volunteers will have to have a special skill to be let past the barricades. If you're a skilled volunteer, sign up at Gordyville. Anyone in town who's uninsured should go to the nursing home for help.
Original: 3:27 pm
GIFFORD -- Tornadoes may be powerful, but they're nothing compared to the power of the volunteer spirit in Central Illinois. Hundreds of people converged on the town Tuesday, eager to help meet the many needs.

They're faces of compassion, hands eager to work, all to make coping with the devastation in town. It's a little more bearable for people like Mark Busboom.

"Real amazing. I mean, everybody's chipping in."

Logan Rupert was just one of dozens who stood in this line of charity for a chance to bless others.

"When I first found out, I just started crying because I couldn't imagine what they're going through."

It started as a line of potential. It quickly grew into a mission.

"It just means so much to me to be able to help them."

When confronted with a catastrophe of this scale, it's hard to know where to start.

"We can't do it all. We can't fix it all. All we can do is our job to the best of our ability."

Mission number one? Organizing the debris.

"Pick something up and start walking."

But, in the midst of overwhelming need? An overwhelming response. Piles of donations; food, water, toiletries. Each bringing a light into what seemed to be a dark situation.

"If you can donate, do whatever you can to help because it will mean the world to them, I know."

Of course it takes a lot of manpower to organize and process those volunteers. That's where Champaign County's United Way came in. It's managing the processing center, getting folks registered, trained and safely dispatched.

United Way's, Sue Grey, commented on the response, "Oh, my gosh. One thing I know about the people of Central Illinois and Champaign County, is they have such a tremendous community spirit. There's no shortage of volunteers. They just keep coming and are willing to do what's asked of them."

Volunteer registration is underway at the Gordyville U.S.A. facility. For directions, click here.
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