Pet on the set 12.19.11

Published 12/19 2011 09:24AM

Updated 12/19 2011 09:45AM

At home Dangerous foods to avoid include:

- Raw or undercooked meat, eggs and bones

- Yeast dough

- Grapes and raisins

- Macadamia nuts

- Onions, garlic, chives

- Avocado

- Chocolate, coffee, caffeine

- Alcohol

- Milk

- Xylitol-sweetened products

- Salted products

Keep holiday decorations and gifts out of reach
Pets are very curious and often chew on novel items. Swallowed items can cause stomach upset, intestinal obstruction and possible poisoning. Examples include garland, strings of lights, plants, gift wrapping, ribbon and batteries.

Make sure your pet is wearing identification and caution guests to be mindful of your pets as they enter and leave the house.

Minimize stress from changes in routine
Keep your pet's diet (and exercise) routines as consistent as possible. Make sure your pets have a quiet place to retreat to if they don't want to be part of the festivities.

If you travel without your pet: Consider hiring a pet sitter so your pet can stay in his home environment

- Have the pet sitter meet your pet before departure date

- Discuss and leave clear instructions regarding feeding, medications, exercise, etc. so their routine stays as consistent as possible

- Be available by phone for any questions or concerns

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