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Weather Now - Warming up, Rain Friday

This evening will be nice with temps dropping off slowly from the 70s and getting down to 63 by 10pm. Our mostly sunny skies will carry over into the evening and we'll see light a Northwesterly wind.
Tonight we will feel a low at 55 degrees with shifting Westerly winds at 2-10 mph.

Wednesday it will continue to warm up in Central Illinios. Champaign seeing a high of 79 with skies starting clear and growing cloudier as the day progresses.

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7 Day Forecast Day By Day

7/30/2014 - All Day
WEDNESDAY- Partly cloudy with with highs pushing into the upper 70s.
H 79° L 55°
7/31/2014 - All Day
THURSDAY- Partly cloudy with temps in the low 80s.
H 82° L 57°
8/1/2014 - All Day
FRIDAY - Partly cloudy with isolated storms.
H 82° L 57°
8/2/2014 - All Day
SATURDAY- Partly cloudy
H 81° L 57°
8/3/2014 - All Day
SUNDAY - Partly Cloudy
H 80° L 60°
8/4/2014 - All Day
MONDAY- Partly cloudy with temps in the mid 80s.
H 84° L 61°
8/5/2014 - All Day
TUESDAY- Partly cloudy with similar temps to Monday.
H 84° L 63°

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