Drought Monitor (10/11/12)

Published 10/11 2012 08:13AM

Updated 10/17 2012 11:47PM

Updated:  8:13 AM 10/11/12

You can get complete coverage of the drought in our Drought Watch Section.  

The drought monitor continues to look better and better for central Illinois.  In fact, a large area in south-central Illinois is no longer in a drought.  The further northwest you go, the drought does grow into a moderate drought, but that is quite the improvement over the Exceptional Drought we had this summer.  You can get more on the drought categories in our Weather 101 Section.  

Looking ahead, the 8 to 14 day forecast is looking to bring us more rain than normal, but the October forecast is looking dry.   

Here's a look at how bad the drought was last week

You can get complete coverage of the drought in our new Drought Watch Section

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