WX 101: Weather vs. Climate

Published 09/14 2013 08:06PM

Updated 05/16 2016 02:34PM

"Climate is what you expect and weather is what you get." It’s always easier to remember the difference between the two, when you remember this phrase. Climate refers to weather conditions such as temperatures, precipitation and winds over a long period of time. This data is collected for 30 years or more and is then and averaged to determine the climate.

On the other hand, weather refers to current conditions. This includes temperatures, precipitation and winds as well, but unlike climate, weather refers to the current day only. Usually we'll compare our weather everyday to the climate to see how we're doing. This tells us if we're above or below average with our temperatures and precipitation. Examine the sentences below. It's another good example of the difference between weather and climate.

"I want to move to Las Vegas because I heard it's always dry & sunny." - Climate

"I can't believe it's raining today in Las Vegas!" - Weather

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