Weather Almanac for August 6th

Published 08/06 2012 06:00AM

Updated 01/22 2015 02:03PM

Weather Almanac For 8/6

This Day In Weather History

1977- Severe thunderstorms produced nearly 20 tornadoes in Sangamon and Christian Counties. Many of these only affected open fields. However, one tornado did cause extensive damaged near and east of Chatham. One tornado just south of Lake Springfield was unusual in that it has a clockwise rotation, in contrast to the usual counter-clockwise rotation found in tornadoes. The thunderstorms that produced these tornadoes caused a large swath of destruction from strong winds extending from southwestern Morgan County east to far southwestern Macon County.

Temperature Information


Champaign-Urbana8464100 (1918)49 (1948)
Danville8464103 (1918)47 (1957)
Decatur8765102 (1947)49 (2004)
Effingham8765103 (1918)48 (1957)
Springfield8565102 (1947)49 (1997)

Sunrise/Sunset For 2015

Champaign-Urbana5:56 AM8:02 PM
Danville5:53 AM7:59 PM
Decatur5:59 AM8:03 PM
Effingham5:59 AM8:00 PM
Springfield6:02 AM8:06 PM

Some information gathered from the National Weather Service and other government agencies. Data for averages are based on 1981 to 2010 averages. Record highs are based on different times of record. Here are when records stared for each observation point: Danville; 1895, Decatur; 1893, Effingham; 1951, Springfield; 1879, Urbana; 1888.

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