Weather Almanac for July 13th

Weather Almanac for July 13th

Published 07/13 2013 06:00AM

Updated 01/15 2016 05:47PM

Weather Almanac For 7/13

This Day In Weather History

1936- Record heat occurred across much of the U.S. during the summer of 1936. In Springfield, the heat peaked on this day, with a high temperature of 108 degrees. Nighttime didn't provide much relief, as the temperature only fell to 84 degrees, the warmest night in Springfield history. From the 4th through the 15th, the high in Springfield was at least 100 degrees. The average temperature during the entire month was 86.2 degrees, the warmest July on record.

1993- Major flooding on the Mississippi River produced a record river crest at Quincy of 32.3 feet; the old record of 28.9 feet was set in April of 1973. At mid-month, only 5 of 28 bridges that cross the river into Illinois were open.

2004- A violent tornado quickly developed across Woodford County during the mid afternoon. This tornado was at F4 intensity as it demolished a manufacturing plant 4 miles west of Roanoke. Although 140 people were inside at the time, all escaped injury by reaching storm shelters a few minutes before the tornado's arrival. Steel beams and metal siding from the plant were found approximately three quarters of a mile east in a farm field. Four farmsteads east of the plant were severely damaged or destroyed.

Temperature Information
Champaign-Urbana 85 65 105 (1936) 47 (1975)
Danville 86 65 109 (1936) 48 (1940)
Decatur 88 66 108 (1936) 46 (1975)
Effingham 87 66 104 (1966) 49 (1975)
Springfield 87 66 108 (1966) 48 (1975)

Sunrise/Sunset For 2016

Champaign-Urbana 5:35 AM 8:22 PM
Danville 5:33 AM 8:19 PM
Decatur 5:39 AM 8:24 PM
Effingham 5:39 AM 8:20 PM
Springfield 5:42 AM 8:27 PM

Some information gathered from the National Weather Service and other government agencies. Data for averages are based on 1981 to 2010 averages. Record highs are based on different times of record. Here are when records stared for each observation point: Danville; 1895, Decatur; 1893, Effingham; 1951, Springfield; 1879, Urbana; 1888.


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