Weather Almanac for March 28th

Published 03/28 2013 06:30AM

Updated 03/27 2016 04:19PM

Weather Almanac For 3/28

This Day In Weather History

1920 - Two strong tornadoes moved through parts of the west and southwest Chicago region. One tornado of F3 intensity moved across Kane County, touching down 1.5 miles southeast of La Fox and tracking to Elgin. This tornado killed 8, injured 100, and damaged much of Elgin's business district. Another tornado touched down in Will County 2 miles north of Channahon. The tornado moved northeast through Romeoville while on the ground intermittently, then touched down and strengthened in Cook County in the Bellwood and Maywood areas. The Melrose Park area was particularly hard hit, with 50 homes destroyed 10 people killed. The tornado eventually moved out over Lake Michigan. A total of 28 people were killed by the two tornadoes. A separate tornado touched down in the Bridgeview area of Chicago, and passed between Midway Airport and Cicero before lifting 4 miles west southwest of the Loop.

1998 - Three people were injured, one seriously, when a tornado affected areas in and around Mattoon at about 5:30 in the morning.  Damage was done to 4 homes in the initial touchdown area about a mile southwest of Mattoon.  Four empty 30-ton coal cars on the railroad tracks were also overturned.  6 buildings in a storage complex were the next to be destroyed along with several homes and businesses.  After lifting for a short time, it touched down again, with damage limited to roofs and treetops.  Overall, $3 million in damage was recorded. 

Temperature Information

Champaign-Urbana 55 34 83 (1910) 15 (1934)
Danville 57 36 82 (1985) 8 (1934)
Decatur 59 36 86 (1985) 14 (1934)
Effingham 57 36 81 (2007) 20 (1966)
Springfield 57 36 86 (1985) 14 (1934)

Sunrise/Sunset For 2016

Champaign-Urbana 6:42 AM 7:14 PM
Danville 6:40 AM 7:11 PM
Decatur 6:45 AM 7:17 PM
Effingham 6:44 AM 7:15 PM
Springfield 6:48 AM 7:19 PM

Some information gathered from the National Weather Service and other government agencies. Data for averages are based on 1981 to 2010 averages. Record highs are based on different times of record. Here are when records stared for each observation point: Danville; 1895, Decatur; 1893, Effingham; 1951, Springfield; 1879, Urbana; 1888.


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