It's Summer Time!

Weather Bingo will be back for the new school year!

How to Play?

To play along, download a "Weather Bingo" playing card from and print. Every weekday on The Morning Show on WCIA, Meteorologist Lisa Meadows will select at random a "Weather Bingo" square that corresponds to a square on the "Weather Bingo" card, if that square appears on your card, mark an X through the square.

The daily "Weather Bingo" segment will also be available on for the next 24 hours following the on-air broadcast. Once you have a row marked off, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, you then enter your card number, winning Bingo line and other registration information at to enter.

Why Weather Bingo?

WCIA 3 and wanted to create a fun way for your child to learn the basics of meteorology. We would like to show the importance of how the weather can affect our environment. With the help of the WCIA 3 Weather Team, we can teach the future about weather and basic science.

Think you have a winning card?

Click here to claim your Arby's prize.

Steps to Download a Card

  1. Download the instruction sheet below.
  2. Click the download button and print out your Weather Bingo Card.
  3. Refresh your browser to regenerate a new Weather Bingo Card.
  4. Have Fun!