Weather Vault: February 2014

February 2014 started rough with a bit of freezing rain on the morning of the 1st, a Saturday.  However, we spent most of the day above freezing with just rain.  Saturday night brought a round of freezing temperatures and all of the water froze.  Things were very slick Saturday night.  Sunday was a different story with temperatures mostly in the teens and no precipitation to speak of.  Monday even got into the 20s with mostly sunny skies. 

Tuesday brought back the wintry weather with snow arriving in the afternoon.  Snow was pushed around by 20 to 30 mph winds and made things very rough Tuesday evening. along with 6 to 8 inch totals by Wednesday morning, which was rough.  Though the snow had stopped, the wind continued to blow it around causing travel issues through the day on Wednesday.

Wednesday night the travel issues continued and a dangerous chill was added to it.  Temperatures dropped below zero and wind chills were as low as -20.  Thursday's high temperature was only around the single digits and the wind chills never broke -10.  Friday was about the same as well with temperatures below zero for Friday morning and highs only in the single digits, as well as wind chills way below zero.  Friday afternoon started a warm-up that brought central Illinois into the teens once again.

Things were warmer on Saturday, but that came with another round of snow.  By Sunday another 1" of snow was across parts central Illinois, most of which was north of I-74.  Once again, the really cold temperatures followed.  Monday and Tuesday morning saw below zero temperatures as well as wind chills as cold as -20.  Monday only saw highs in the single digits.  However, Tuesday started a warm-up, even though high temperautures were in the lower double digits. 

Wednesday and Thursday would continue the warm-up with highs in the middle to upper 20s on Wednesday and into the middle 30s on Thursday.  Friday brought a round of snow for Valentine's Day and some places recieved up to 6" of snow.  Once again, accidents were reported across all of central Illinois.  Most of Saturday was dry, but Saturday night saw another 1 to 2 inches of snow that fell mostly across areas northeast of I-74.  Finally, we got a quiet day on Sunday, the 16th, but the quiet wouldn't last.  Monday was a messy day with rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and even thunder and lightning.  It was enough to cause many travel issues, but the timing of the storm kept it mostly between the morning and evening commutte.  

After that, the warm-up was on.  Tuesday soared into the 40s and some 50s and so did Wednesday.  Thursday even rose into the middle and upper 50s.  However, Thursday started with some rain and ended with thunderstorms that were a part of a cold front.  The thunderstorms dropped 8 tornadoes across the area, one of which was an EF-2 and injured a person near Tower Hill.  We went from the middle 50s to the 30s by
Thursday evening.  That night, the wind gusts were around 60 mph and that helped usher the colder air in.  Friday was a breezy day with highs in the middle 40s with mostly sunny skies.  Saturday had highs in the middle 40s, but the evening brought a quick shot of heavy snow that brought 1" to a few places. 

Sunday, the 23rd was a cold, but sunny day and most of Monday followed suit.  However, Monday night brought another round of snow with some places seeing another inch of snow.  As if we hadn't had enough of winter, the rest of the week was cold.  Wind chills of -20 were common for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings with several wind chill advisories being issued.  Temperatures were also in record breaking territory each morning.  The last day of the month was Friday, the 28th.  That brought a warm-up with highs in the 20s, but snow that arrived that evening and would last into the next morning.  However, accumulations were spotty and light. 

State Numbers
The state of Illinois recorded the 7th coldest February on record in 2014.  This February was 12.1 degrees below the long-term average with a statewide average temperature of 18.7 degrees.  The coldest on record was 1978 with an average of 16.9. 

The Meteorological Winter months of December through February for 2013-14 were the fourth coldest on record.  The statewide average was 20.8 degrees, 8.2 degrees below the long term average.  The coldest wsa 1977-1978 with 19.6. 

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