Weather Vault: November 2013

Posted:  6:00 PM 12/1/13
Updated:  6:24 PM 12/19/13

November 2013 started cool with highs only in the lower to middle 50s for the 1st, a Friday.  This cooler weather came on the heels of heavy rainfall to end October.  The following weekend was pleasant, but a bit below normal with highs only in the middle 50s.  This calm weather stuck around for Monday, which made it into the upper 50s.

Tuesday the 5th brought some isolated showers to the area, but generally things stayed cloudy.  Wednesday was another rainy day, a lot like the one to wrap up October.  Most places had about a quarter inch of rainfall, with some locally higher amounts.  Thursday, the 7th and Friday, the 8th were both chilly and mostly sunny days with mornings in the upper 20s and highs in the lower 50s.  The weekend had a nice little warm-up with highs around 60 for both days. 

The next week started with a wintry blast.  Monday had rain, that changed over to snow towards the evening hours.  It wasn't very heavy.  In fact, most places reported nothing more than a few flakes.  Behind that, the cold air arrived.  Tuesday, the 12th, only had a high in the lower 30s and Wednesday started with near record lows in the middle teens.  Thusday and Friday only slightly improved with high temperatures in the lower to middle 50s and low temperatures rising to the upper 20s by Friday morning.

The weekend would start off dry and warmer with Saturday having temperatures in the middle 60s.  However that afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms arrived.  Sunday, November 17th, was a day that changed some people's lives.  8 tornadoes raked central Illinois, two of which were as strong as EF-3.  The town of Gifford was especially hit hard.

Monday was a much calmer day, which helped with clean-up.  Things were dry, but chilly through Wednesday.  We started to see some rain on Wednesday, with a soggy Thursday following that added up to 1" of rain in some spots.  Friday was a drier, but cooler day with highs only in the middle 40s.  The weekend was just cold with highs only around 30 on both days and Sunday morning starting around 10 degrees!  The cold air lasted into the beginning of the next week with a few flurries on Monday, the 25th.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only saw highs in the lower to middle 30s. 

Thanksgiving warmed us up a bit, but only in the the middle to upper 30s.  However, Friday, the 29th saw highs around 40 and the last day of the month saw highs in the middle to upper 40s. 

State Numbers 
Our precipitation for November was below normal by nearly an inch.  We saw 2.6 inches of precipitation this month, which is 0.9 inches below the average.  This was the fifth month we saw below-normal precipitation across the state. Temperatures were also below normal.  The average temperature for Illinois in November was 38.3 degrees.  This is a full 4.3 degrees below average--but it's not the coldest we've seen.  The record for Illinois was set back in 1976, with an average November temperature of 33.6 degrees.

National Numbers
November was actually colder than normal for the U.S. at 0.3 degrees below the 20th century average with an average of 41.6 degrees.  This was mostly because the area east of the Rockies was mostly below normal.  At the same time, the national average for precipitation was 2.01", just 0.11" below the 20th century average.  This was because below average rainfall along the west coast.  Drought areas actually shrung from 34.7 to 30.6 percent for the U.S.

So far this year, the U.S. is having the 35th warmest year on record.  This is due to above average temperatures in the West, Northeast, and Florida.  We're also on track to have the 19th wettest year on record with an average of 29.00 inches of precipitation. 

Click here for the National climate highlights in map form. 

Global Numbers   
November 2013 will go down in the record books as the warmest November on record for the globe.  Records have been kept for 134 years.  This was driven mostly by Russia having its warmest month on record.  So far this year, we're on pace for the 4th warmest year on record for the globe. 

Click here for the global highlights in map form

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