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Posted:  6:00 AM 11/1/13

October 2013 got off to a warm start with sunny skies pushing most of the area into the 80s, which is about 8 degrees above normal for Tuesday, the 1st day of the month.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all had a mixed bag of weather with some rainfall here and there, breezy conditions, and variable clouds.  In fact the clouds kept some places in the 70s, while others shot up to the 80s.  A cold front arrived Saturday that brought evening thunderstorms, some of which brought plenty of rainfall to parts of the area, helping to break the drought in some areas

Sunday, the 6th brought us a cooler day that stuck around through Monday.  Highs were only in the 60s for those days with middle 70s returning by Tuesday and Wednesday.  The sunshine bounced us into the 80s by Thursday and Friday.  However, once again, rain was a part of the weekend forecast.  Saturday saw scattered showers in the afternoon and evening hours, but the majority of the day was dry. 

Sunday brought temperatures down a bit with highs in the middle 70s and we saw a repeat of that for Monday, the 14th.  Tuesday probably brought Autumn into central Illinois for good with a rainy day and temperatures only in the 60s!  We did return to some sunshine on Wednesday, but highs struggled into the upper 50s and a breeze made it feel cooler.  Rain was back for Thursday morning, but by the afternoon our weather was back to the 60s and partly cloudy.  Friday was also a partly cloudy day with highs only in the upper 50s.  The weekend did start with some rain on Saturday, but by Sunday we had a nice, partly cloudy day with highs in the middle 60s. 

Monday, the 21st, we saw a strong cold front fly through the area bringing a major change.  Highs on Monday were in the upper 50s and the temperatures plummeted after that.  We started Tuesday in the upper 20s.  Rainfall in the afternoon held highs around 50 and some places even reported their first flurries of the year.  Wednesday also started cold with morning lows in the upper 20s and afternoon highs were in the middle 40s.  There was another batch of light rain that moved through the area and brought some isolated flurries as well.  Those flurries covered most of the area on Thursday and clouds held on to keep temperatures in the 40s for highs.  As skies cleared that night, central Illinois saw a very hard freeze with temperatures in the lower 20s in many places. 

Friday, the 25th, started the warm-up with highs in the lower 50s.  Saturday and Sunday both were in the middle to upper 50s with partly cloudy skies.  The only issue was breezy conditions for Saturday.    Monday and Tuesday were also very nice with temperatures in the 60s.  Towards the end of the day on Tuesday, a few showers arrived. 

Those showers on Tuesday evening started off a very wet end to the month.  Rain was off and on through Wednesday evening, with fog and mist around when it wasn't raining.  Halloween was stormy with heavy rainfall that put many places over 2" of rainfall for the last two days.  Some places saw two-thirds of their normal October rainfall in just the last two days. 

Statewide Summary
The State Of Illinois finished with statewide average precipitation for October at 3.2".  This is right at the normal amount for October.  Most of the rain fell in the last few days of October.  Temperatures were also very close to normal with the final number of 54.3 degrees.  That's just 0.3 degrees below normal. 

Nationwide Summary
The nationwide average high temperature for the month of October was 53.6 degrees F, just 0.6 degrees below the normal mark.  This makes October 2013 the 37th coldest on record.  Precipitation was near normal at 2.23" for the national average, just 0.12" inches above the average.  However, both coasts were quite dry, while the nation's midsection had more rain than normal.  This helped many drought areas improve. 

So far this year, the U.S. is running 0.7 degrees above the average at 55.7 degrees F.  That puts us on pace to have the 32nd warmest year on record.  Precipitation remains above normal for the year so far, at 27.01", which is 2.23" above normal.  This puts us on pace to have the 14th wettest year on record. 

Global Summary
The combined global average temperature durring October 2013 was the seventh highest.  We saw temperatures .63 degrees celsius higher in October than the 20th century average of 14.0 degrees celsius.  You can see all of the climate highlights for the month of October 2013 in this map

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