Weather Vault: November 17th, 2013

Updated:  5:35 AM 11/16/14

The Sunday morning of November 17th, 2013 was hotter than normal with temps near 70 degrees accompanied by a threatening chance of severe weather.  The entire area was covered in the high risk area, where strong, long-tracked tornadoes were expected. Along with the high risk of severe weather - there was also a High Wind Warning issued for the majority of the area. By 8:40 A.M., a tornado watch was issued for most of the state, including central Illinois. This watch was declared a particularly dangerous situation (PDS) by the Storm Prediction Center.  This means strong, long-tracked tornadoes were becoming more likely as the day continued. 

From 10 A.M. through 2:30 P.M. central Illinois saw 9 tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail.  Gifford took the brunt of the damage with a 500 yard wide slice of the town being destroyed.  Tornadoes also struck southern Champaign, Livingston, Shelby, Moultrie, Douglas, Fayette, Effingham, and Vermilion counties.  North of our area, near Peoria an EF-4 tornado struck the town of Washington, killing one person and injuring another 125.  By 2:30 the storms had come to an end, but the clean up was underway. 

Below is a look at the different tornadoes that day, and links to the details on each tornado.  Also, the different stories that we did that day or in the days that followed are linked inside the article.  Also below are all of the storm reports we received that day. 

Confirmed Tornadoes
Washington Tornado (Moved into Livingston County)        
Pana (Christian County)   
Altamont (Fayette and Effingham Counties)    
West Liberty (Jasper County)    
Garrett (Moultrie and Douglas Counties)  
Gifford (Champaign, Vermilion, and Iroquois Counties)    
Tuscola (Douglas County)  
Villa Grove (Douglas and Champaign Counties)    
Westville (Vermilion County)   

Storm Reports   
10:15 AM:  A 52 mph thunderstorm wind gust was reported in Jacksonville (Morgan County)
11:09 AM:  Nickel sized hail was reported in Philadelphia (Cass County)
11:17 AM:  A semi was blown over on I-55 at Hartsburg (Logan County)
11:22 AM:  Tree limbs were downed in Petersburg (Menard County)
11:25 AM:  Golf ball sized hail was reported in Petersburg (Menard County)
11:26 AM:  Golf ball sized hail was reported in Petersburg (Menard County)
11:26 AM:  Quarter sized hail was reported in McLean (McLean County)
11:30 AM:  Large trees and power lines were down on Route 29 in Greenview (Menard County)
11:35 AM:  67 mph thunderstorm wind gust measured in Bloomington (McLean County)
11:41 AM:  62 mph thunderstorm wind gust measured in Springfield (Sangamon County)
11:50 AM:  60 mph thunderstorm wind gust measured in Morrisonville (Christian County)
11:50 AM:  Power lines were downed in Taylorville (Christian County)
11:53 AM:  Quarter sized hail was reported east of Morrison (Christian County)
11:55 AM:  69 mph thunderstorm wind gust measured in Taylorville (Christian County)
11:57 AM:  West Normal reported baseball sized hail (2.75 inches) (McLean County)
11:57 AM:  A tree was knocked down on the north side of Normal (McLean County)
12:00 PM:  Grapefruit sized hail fell in Bloomington (McLean County)
12:03 PM:  70 mph wind gust measured just north of Rosamond (Christian County)

12:08 PM:  An estimated 56 mph thunderstorm wind gust was measured just east of Waynesville (De Witt County)
12:13 PM:  A measured 58 mph thunderstorm wind gust was measured at the Bloomington Airport (McLean County)
12:14 PM:  Golf ball sized hail fell in Assumption (Christian County)
12:15 PM:  Large power lines down along Towanda Barnes Road in Bloomington (McLean County)
12:28 PM:  Several trees uprooted in Saybrook, numerous homes with shingle damage, time estimated (McLean County)
12:30 PM:  Several power poles snapped off in Findlay (Shelby County)
12:40 PM:  An estimated 70 mph wind gust moved through Seymour (Champaign County)
12:45 PM:  A grain elevator was damaged in Galton (Douglas County)
12:48 PM:  Several grain bins destroyed in Pesotum (Champaign County) 
12:50 PM:  Roof damage to homes, overturned mobile homes and power lines down in West Liberty (Jasper County)
12:53 PM:  Mobile homes blown over in Garrett (Douglas County)
12:53 PM:  Power lines downed due to a non-thunderstorm wind gust in Jerome (Sangamon County)
1:00 PM:  Numerous power poles and trees down as well as a pole barn roof blown off (Douglas County)
1:03 PM:  Non thunderstorm wind gust of 60 mph measured just south of Jacksonville at I-72 and IL-267 (Morgan County)
1:11 PM:  Westville had a 69 mph measured wind gust (Vermilion County)
1:11 PM:  A roof torn off a house in Danville (Vermilion County)
1:54 PM:  A 60 mph non-thunderstorm wind gust measured in Decatur (Macon County)                                              
2:15 PM:  A 55 mph non-thunderstorm wind gust measured in Decatur (Macon County)
2:24 PM:  A 59 mph non-thunderstorm wind gust measured at Willard Airport (Champaign County)
2:45 PM:  A 54 mph non thunderstorm wind gust measures at the Coles County Airport (Coles County)                                                                                          

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